Kitty R.

Trip from Bristol to Zakopane in March 2023. Amazing people, beautiful places, fun, few bruises and pure happiness! Love you all :) Music: Zobol - Astronomical Significance from: whoispaula.bandcamp.com/merch And from Audio Library YT Sebastian (our driver) - FB: Bus Woznica Zakopane

Summer time in Poland

My heart divided between two lifes, one in the UK, second one in Poland. Let's take a closer look to the latter.

Kitty R.


Kitty R., although she came from Asia to her own hometown, still feels that she is on the go. She’s here only for a few weeks and still packed in the same backpack as for the last 8 months.

Kitty R.

Warsaw. This is where Kitty R. was born and brought up. It is the capital city, yet she spent her childhood in a converted stable, where in the yard there was a dog on a chain and three greenhouses around (with cucumber, primosus and lilies). To this day, she loves the fact that her childhood was based on the combination of the big city and the village at the same time.


About morning explosions, beautiful trips among swans, Kitty’s favourite town and generally unusual attractions in Poland.

Kitty R.

Kitty R. and Sir Last say goodbye to Southeast Asia and fly to Europe. Over the next weeks, Kitty R. experience real food porn, mainly thanks to lush raspberries, strawberries and tomatoes! She is also delighted with the cool summer air that she catches greedily (Dear Asia, do you know how deep you can breathe when the air is not steamy and hot and that the brain works at high speed not only in an air conditioned environment?