ASIA by Kitty R.

A short movie about Southeast Asia through Kitty's eyes.

Kitty R.

Today no text, just a piece of hard work and the combination of true passions: travelling and video editing. Enjoy and … do you like it? PS. Kitty recommends to watch with headphones and with full HD.


About strong looks, a non-touristic marketplace and Khmer children on the other side of the camera lens.

Kitty R.

Kitty R. and Sir Last have been on their way since long enough to adjust to many Asian innovations, they became their everyday life. High-fives with children as natural as having every day breakfast, tough-refusal-with-a-smile to tuk tuk driver’s offers, chopsticks they could use with covered eyes, and they even started to give names to their room-mates: cockroaches and geckos. In connection with the above, Kitty R. and Sir Last decide to go to Kratie.


Kitty R. and Sir Last do not rave about the capital and then land in a place full of garbage, crabs and pepper straight from the bush.

Kitty R.

Sir Last feels a bit better, so together with Kitty R., they decide to transfer themselves from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh. All inclusive, that is, the bus even has free wifi and croissants. In Phnom Penh, they go to the Vietnamese Embassy to arrange a visa for the March future. It turns out, however, that even at the embassy of Vietnam in Cambodia they celebrate the Chinese New Year (the embassy is closed for a week).


Kitty R. and Sir Last get to know the new version of 'noughts and crosses' game, experience test blood for bird flu and then greet Cambodia.

Kitty R.

Kitty R. and Sir Last spend their last few Thai days in Bangkok. Their host – W., is an authentic man in everything he does, very empathic, but at the same time with a huge awareness of his own needs and boundaries. Artist and warrior in one Thai man. He introduces Kitty R. and Sir Last to the culinary world, where nothing is wasted and teaches Kitty how to eat rice with a spoon.