Bilingual - personal thoughts

Short video about bilingual life and my dylema. I guess, it is the most personal video I have done this far.

Kitty R.

There is something really bothering me… what are the advantages and disadvantages of being bilingual? In which language should I create my videos?! By the way, for the first time I did Polish subtitles [hells bells, what a job!] :) also, many many thanks to Asia who helped with the shoots! xxx


How wild are the Dartmoor ponies?

Kitty R.

First night in Dartmoor Kitty R. and her friends observe Musk’s satelites crossing the stary sky. The very next day Kitty R. holds her breath while admiring the beauty of the moors, and most important of all: SHE MEETS WILD PONIES! Kitty promises to come back to make a proper video. Till then enjoy the teaser.