ASIA by Kitty R.

A short movie about Southeast Asia through Kitty's eyes.

Kitty R.

Today no text, just a piece of hard work and the combination of true passions: travelling and video editing. Enjoy and … do you like it? PS. Kitty recommends to watch with headphones and with full HD.


About being full of love, accepting death and assimilating new norms. Here and Now. Oh, and how Kitty R. almost gets hit by a lightning.

Kitty R.

It is time to part with the Pumpkins; Y. moves to the South (Cambodia), L. heads to the North (China), Kitty R. and Sir Last move to the West (towards Thailand). Warning. Today’s post will strongly sound like a Kitty Coelho thingy, that is, full of philosophical clichés about what a journey means to her. She has promised to write about it, you know… After all Kitty R., does not force anyone to read it; for example, you can immediately jump to the video below and thus tick off the whole thing.


New Year in Laos, i.e. wet, wetter, the wettest! The verification of stereotypes on the go and a bit about the truth of blogging vs. reality.

Kitty R.

Kitty R. continues the river wandering through Laos, that is, she flows with the Mekong River to another small town - Nong Khiaw. All this is still happening with the good company of Sir Last, Y. and L., constantly wonderful people, with whom time passes lazily, without social compulsions or unnecessary small talk. They call themselves Pumpkins due to the few-day worship of the local homemade pumpkin soup. Sir Last asks the waitress: ‘I’m sorry, the spring rolls in Lao style, what does that mean?


For the fate in Laos, the beautiful river life among the mountains and the jungle, and what powers the insects urine has.

Kitty R.

From Vietnam to Laos, the mini bus leaves only once a day. This sentence contains everything, including the fact that on that day from the entire border town of Dien Bien Phu only a few travelers and a few local people are heading to Laos, which suggests that this is not a very popular direction. The minivan moves unhurriedly, stopping here and there, efficiently taking various goods for transport (roof plate, food bags, bucket with something alive), thus filling all available space.