Road trip in South Morocco

Welcome to my beloved Morocco! After multiple travels there, it was my first time I didn't hitchhike ,but rented a car. It was also the first time I decided to film for better memories. And.... it was the first time my camera broke down just before I even reached Morocco! Luckily I had my basic phone and sport camera from my friend. Therefore enjoy the charm of video quality from the 80s, while the trip actually happened in 2022 :)

Kitty R.


About sleeping on the dunes and in the middle of nowhere.

Kitty R.

Kitty R. and Grandpa T. hitch hike pleasantly from Marakesh to Essaouira. The driver offers them delicious bread made by his mum and a place to sleep in his car when the night comes, but Kitty R. and Grandpa T. have other plans. By sunrise they reach Essaouira, where they treat themselves with an awesome mix of fried no-name fishes. They share their food with some street cats, which eat given snips in a lazy and unwillingly way (in this town such a fishy treat must be an overboard for everyone).

Date palm grove.

Kitty R. and Grandpa T. sleep in a date palm grove and the next day they experience crazy ride through Atlas Mountains.

Kitty R.

Kitty R. and Grandpa T. sleep in the wild, in the middle of a date palm grove. Kitty R. is significantly afraid of the giant African ants coming everywhere from nowhere. Nevertheless she bravely heats up the milk on the fire and soon after she blissfully falls asleep while looking into Saharian constellations…  After a morning kilo of tangerines and scrambled eggs Kitty and Grandpa decide to change their travel direction within 180 degrees (they cross to the other side of the road).

From Ar-Raszidijja to somewhere....

Kitty R. and Grandpa T. meet a Man and His Sheep and have the stars within arm's reach.

Kitty R.

Kitty R. and Grandpa T. are looking for the master of qwan ki do in Rashidia to get back (after 12 years) the violin of a kung fu master from Tetouan. The Master is not found, but a clue is caught, and a letter left. The cold of the region can be found in the signs. Kitty R. and Grandpa T. continue their journey without a plan. On the bridge leading to outside town, they hear a voice from down the river “Salam!


A classic story about good people Kitty R. and Grandpa T. meet when they travel.

Kitty R.

Twilight. One minute to night. Kitty R. and Grandpa T. stand next to the road to catch a ride to Rashidija. After a while, a woman appears and approaches them with a child on her back and the rest of the family behind her (two sons, the wife of one of the sons and another child). Loudly and emphatically she says (‘you can’t stand here like that’), grabs and shakes one of her breasts (‘you are my kids’) and commands (‘first you eat, then you sleep and in the morning you continue your travel’).